About Dale Melville

Dale started his legal career by articling for a busy firm in Victoria, focusing almost exclusively on Criminal Law.

After being called to the bar, his first trial was as a junior associate on a first-degree murder trial. His first Supreme Court trial resulted in a not guilty verdict for drug trafficking – the client was found with 9 pounds of marijuana.

Dale’s first jury trial resulted in not guilty verdicts on all 9 counts that were before the court – including use of a firearm, unlawful confinement, and assault causing bodily harm.

In 2014, Dale left his associate position in Victoria and came to the Lower Mainland to start his own practice. He has appeared at and found success at every level of Court in British Columbia.

Dale works tirelessly to defend his client’s rights at every stage of the criminal process.

He spends his spare time reading, spending time with family, and travelling.

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