COVID-19 and Domestic Violence

With millions across the province being told to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus, calls to report domestic violence have surged. With the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, if you are accused of domestic violence, you may experience unfortunate outcomes.

Under normal circumstances, once BC police receive a report of domestic violence, they are dispatched to the scene. They then rely on an initial statement provided by the victim and the accused is generally arrested. Sometimes, the accused is released shortly after but prohibited from further communicating with the victim, returning to a shared home, or parenting shared children.

What happens if you are charged with Domestic Violence during a COVID-19 lockdown?

With the coronavirus distancing measures in place and legal institutions operating in limited capacity at this time, the restrictions against communication and separation orders may be dragged out even longer.

By themselves, COVID-19 restrictions or being accused of domestic abuse alone can be stressful. When both happen at the same time, the consequences are more severe. Even if the accuser decides to take back what they said, you may be restricted from entering your house.

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