R. v. B., December 2021 – BCPC

Facts – B. was charged with possession of a handgun and possession for the purpose of trafficking – methamphetamine. Police attended a residence in Maple Ridge, and while trying to gain entry to the residence they allege B. ran out of the house with a backpack, stashed the backpack in the woods, and was arrested coming out of a wooded area without the backpack. A police dog deployed on scene found the backpack, which contained about 7 ounces of meth and a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun with a loaded magazine.

Crown counsel alleged that B. had possession (knowledge and control) of the backpack and contents therein and should be found guilty. The evidence at trial consisted of police officer witnesses. The defence called no evidence (B. did not testify).

Result – The trial judge found Crown had proven B. was the person who was in control of the backpack but had failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that B. had knowledge of the meth or gun located inside the backpack.

B. was acquitted on all counts (Not Guilty).

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